Velocity Sports

Velocity Sports is a club for adventure and recreation. It has been organized to take advantage of the group associations that have formed among many friends. The club’s goal is to provide this association of friends with – opportunities to gather, special discounts on equipment and services, and ‘good time’ events and activities. It is a club for individuals that love living and want to make the most of everyday.

Velocity Sports has been organized into two levels of participation, friends and members. Everybody is a friend and can sign-up on the email list to see what events and activities are coming up and what discounts are available for all Velocity Sports friends. Members have helped support the operation of the club with a membership fee and have access to unique offerings and special events.

We invite you and your group of friends to join us in enjoying the world around us and living life to the fullest. Life is meant to be lived. Sign-up today.